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Chinese Cooking: Ever got confused by Chinese cooking techniques like deep-fried, stir-fried, quick-fried, saute, marinade? You may know their meanings literally, but you may not know how exactly to do it in your kitchen.

This Chinese Cooking Tips page includes some of the basic Chinese cooking techniques, tips and methods. We hope it will be helpful to visitors when they try the
Chinese recipes.

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Soaked Eggs in Tea

Soaked Eggs in Tea

Soaked Eggs in Tea

Eggs 10 pcs
Oolong Tea Leaves 80 g

Salt 3 tbsp


1) Boil Eggs until 90% cooked
2) Hit and crush eggs lightly by a spoon
3) Boil water in small pot, turn off fire, add oolong tea leaves
4) Put eggs into tea pot when water is turned brown
5) Turn on fire, keep boiling in very low heat, add salt
6) Soak eggs for 2-3 hours, serves

tbsp - table spoon

Very good for the kids, and for party !!!
If you like dark taste, you can use Pu Li or other dark / red Chinese tea
Please keep water level inside pot....the TEA can be re-use within 1 or 2 days.

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