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Chinese Cooking: Ever got confused by Chinese cooking techniques like deep-fried, stir-fried, quick-fried, saute, marinade? You may know their meanings literally, but you may not know how exactly to do it in your kitchen.

This Chinese Cooking Tips page includes some of the basic Chinese cooking techniques, tips and methods. We hope it will be helpful to visitors when they try the
Chinese recipes.

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Making Beancurd By Yourself

Making Beancurd By Yourself

Making Doufu By Yourself


Soybeans 100 g
Water 10 cups
Natural Bittern 4 g


1) Remove moth-eaten & damaged soy bean, impurities as well
2) Rinse the soy bean in clean water 2-3 times, soak then in 8-10 cup of water
3) Soak the soy bean for whole night until they expand to 3 times larger
4) Drain out the water, then put the soaked soybean into a blender
5) Add 2 cups of clean water, turn on the blender for 2 minutes
6) Pouring 8 cups of water into a deep flat-bottom pot, and heating until boiled
7) Turn into middle heat, put the grounded soybean in and boil for 15 minutes
8) Stirring with a ladle when boiling, but NOT USE high heat
9) Fill the "bean-milk" slowly and little by little into a cotton gauze bag, and wring it
10) If the bean-milk is too hot, wring the bag by chopsticks, until all juice is wrung out
11) Put natural bittern in small container and add 1/2 cup (100cc) water to dissolve
12) Boil the bean-milk with slow heat until 70℃, turn off fire
13) Add 1/2 of natural bittern solution and stir gently
14) Keep the temperature by 70℃, boiling the bean-milk for 5 minutes
15) Add the other 1/2 of natural bittern solution, keep stirring gently
16) Keep the temperature by 70℃, boiling the bean-milk for 15 minutes more
17) Don't let the temperature too high or too low, or the congregation will be poor
18) When all bean-milk is congealed, water will be separated out
19) Spread a bleached cotton towel in a plastic rectangular box
20) Then pour the congealed bean-milk into the rectangular box
21) Wrap it well in the towel, then add a weight onto its top for 10 minutes
22) After further congeals, remove the wrapping in water
23) Wash surplus bittern away with water, beancurd done

Step 21 - its better to use a light aluminum plate with 3-4 cup of water
You can purchase beancurd in any food-market of China-town

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